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L’éducation pour combattre la violence endémique à Cité Soleil"

Le Nouvelliste

[French - 2016]

Story about the community school run by RAJEPRE in Bois Neuf.

À Cité Soleil, le soleil brille

Le Nouvelliste

[French - 2015]

An article about the 1nd annual Cite Soleil Peace Prize.

Une équipe de basketball fait honneur à Cité Soleil 

Le Nouvelliste

[French - 2014]

Article about the Cite Soleil Basketball Team, run by ID-Haiti in Soleil 4



cite soleil is not red

Haiti Libre

[English - 2012]

Press release published in Haiti Libre about the celebration of the first anniversary of Konbit Soley Leve, and a joint statement about ending the stigma of Cite Soleil being "a red zone"

breakdancing against violence in haiti


[English - 2014]

Article published in Vice describing Cyborg Dance, Cite Soleil's premier breakdancing group.

boxing pour survivre a cite soleil


[French - 2016]

AFP article describing how boxing is being used to provide structure, mentorship, and life skills in Cite Soleil

penah: serving the children of cite soleil

Nou pou Nou

[English- 2014]

Article describing the work of PENAH, a community organization in Cite Lumiere 

the youth of bois-neuf are showing their creativity

Nou pou Nou

[English - 2014]

Article that tells the story of a group of Soleyan artisans "up-cycling" discarded bottles into beautiful drinking glasses

Cite soleil is us, not them

Nou pou Nou

[English - 2014]

Article about Konbit Soley Leve and efforts to challenge stigmas about Cite Soleil

Le sport et l’éducation comme antidote à la violence

Nou pou Nou

[French- 2014]

Article about Bobby Duval's "Athletique d'Haiti" football school just outside urban Cite Soleil.​

Nouveau souffle de "konbit soley leve" a cite soleil 

Le Nouvelliste

[French- 2016]

Article about Konbit Soley Leve's 5th anniversary celebration on June 25th, 2016


Not all media about Cite Soleil is negative - check out these print pieces that highlight resilience and creativity in Cite Soleil.
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