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Cite Soleil is overflowing with musical talent, ranging from Rap Kreyol to Racine and Rara music to singer-songwriters. 

Here is just a small sampling of the musical talent in Cite Soleil:


While Cite Soleil is most well-known for its hip-hop artists and DJs (see below), it is also home to musicians who use acoustic guitar to tell their neighborhoods' stories.

Rene Gueldy

Belabre Sage

B-Ben & Belabre Sage

Rap Creole & Hip-hop:

Cite Soleil is best known for its raip & hip-hop. Here are a few videos of local hip-hop artists below:

Daddy Fresh
Rap Positif

The most respected people in Cite Soleil may be the DJs - who can break up the hard monotony of life in the neighborhoods with a blowout street party. Some DJS even use their music to broker peace between neighborhoods. Here is one video from local superstar DJ Pouchon.




Rara & Racine

Cite Soleil also has a strong history of mixing traditional Haitian music such as rara and racine with urban influences. One of Cite Soleil's oldest rara groups, Shalom Rara, is seen in a video below:




Breakdance is an important part of the cultural fabric of Cite Soleil - and breakdancing groups such as Cyborg Dance have performed all over the country to represent their city, and use dance as a way to reach out to kids at home.

Visual Artists


The walls of Cite Soleil provide a permanent canvas for a handful of talented young graffiti artists such as Snake and Rezo Gep. Here is a photo gallery of some of their work:

snake neg mawon
neg mawon 2
snake graffiti
graffiti 2
Performing artists

In the countryside in Haiti, comedic theater performances are one of the ways that people entertain themselves in areas that have little access to electricity. Yet this tradition survives and thrives in Haiti, where theater and comedy groups such as Comedus and RAMA get people to laugh at the challenging situations they live through every day.


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To learn more about Cyborg Dance,  read this article in Vice.

To learn more about a visual art project commemorating the earthquake done in collaboration with JR's Inside Out project, Konbit Soley Leve, & Haiti Communitere, read this article from Art Rotos.

Performing artists
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