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One June 25th, 2011, a small group of people representing seven different blocks in Cite Soleil met in Sant Pilot, a center just outside of Cite Soleil. They each had initiatives or associations in their communities that were about building positive change in their neighborhoods. And they realized that they could accomplish more by working together and breaking down the barriers between blocks in Cite Soleil. These individuals would decide to found a social movement that they called Konbit Soley Leve.

La Difference/3BB

Stephen Italien & Michel "Son" Wilgempson

Bois Neuf

Gueldy Rene & Johnny "Atchou" Metellus

Ti Haiti

Louino "Robi" Robillard


Patrick Tertulien


Senatus Gesner


Gardy Guerrier

1er Cite

Wilner Jean Louis

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