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The movement

Konbit Soley Leve is a social movement founded in Cite Soleil on June 25th, 2011. Its vision is a Cite Soleil that overcomes divisions between neighborhoods & takes its own destiny into its hands to build a better future.  It is an a-political, unregistered, non-hierarchical movement that is built on the traditional Haitian practice of konbit. It has become almost a living philsophy  in Cite Soleil - anyone leveraging local resources for a community vision while reaching across neighborhood divides is a part of the movement.


learn more about the origins of how this movement was founded on June 25th, 2011


Learn about the principles that this movement was founded on, which have allowed it to survive and thrive.

Structure & Function

Learn about how a non-structured community-driven social movement actually works (and when it doesn't).

Defining moments

Learn more about some of the events and moments that have come to define what Konbit Soley Leve means.

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