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Geography is often destiny in Cite Soleil - access, safety, and social circles often depend on where you fall on a map.


And there are many ways of dividing & defining Cite Soleil. Cite Soleil is often said to have "34 neighborhoods" and "10 blocks", but few people have the same understanding of how these areas are delineated. And those lines, where they do exist, have shifted and continue to change based on alliances and population movement. 

To the right, here is one interpretation of the division of the 10 blocks of downtown Cite Soleil. Route 9 is the white line that runs down the middle of commune, separating "upper Cite Soleil" (to the right) from "lower Cite Soleil" (to the left). 


It is important to note that rural Cite Soleil (including a founding block of KSL) is not represented on this map, and that Waf Jeremi is also not shown.

Block map of Cite Soleil

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