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The People

One of the important missions of Konbit Solèy Leve was to challenge the stigma that Cite Soleil is defined by violence, crimes, and gangs. This meant identifying Solèyans who embodied the diversity of talent and potential of Cite Soleil, and shining a light on them. This was important not just to challenge the perceptions outsiders have of Cite Soleil, but also to challenge the internalized stigma that many Solèyans hold of themselves. And for this, there are countless Soleyans who bravely faced down people’s expectations of them and succeeded, and in doing so, have become somewhat ambassadors of a new Cite Soleil. 


learn more about the people who came together on June 25th, 2011 to found Konbit Soley Leve


Learn about the young people using art to change their lives, their neighborhoods, and the way people look at Cite Soleil


Learn about some of the community associations that have played an important role in the movement


Learn more about the young people using sports to build bridges and show that Cite Soleil knows fair play.


Learn more about the people from outside of Cite Soleil who are becoming allies and partners of community-driven change

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